blogging Challenge#4

Blog challenge #4

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This image is showing a pair of full sole tap shoes. I have been dancing at taps performing arts studio since I was 3three years old and I have been doing tap for 10 years. When I first tryed tap danceing I instantly fell in love with it. I tryed every other dance possible to see if i had any other interests, I even quit tap for two years but no other dance made me feel the same as I did when I tapped. In Tap you really have to commit to practicing out of dance class, it is really hard work Im not gonna lie I do come home with blisters on my feet. But no words can desribe the way I feel when I walk on stage for the first time. I have been doing competetive tap for about three or four years now and through out that i have gotton golds, high golds, silver, high silver,  My team has gotten many special awards and resently we just brought home a diamond. Tap dance is and will always be a big part of my life.


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