Blogging challenge #3 ten ways to use a sock

challnge #3

Here is ten creative ways to use your old socks!

1. Sock bun, a sock bun is where you take and old sock and you cut the tip off then roll it up so it looks like a donut you can see the steps below. 





2. heat Pack: Fill with rice or dried beans (don’t pack it tight, leave a little loose) and sew the end shut. Put in the microwave for a minute or so (depending on your microwave) and you have a nice, heavy heat pack.

3. Neck roll: Sometimes you just need a neck roll or a travel pillow. Stuff a tube sock really well with stuffing (or cut up socks) and sew the end shut for a nice, firm neck roll/travel pillow.

4.Rough feet and hands- spread vaseline on your feet and put on old socks. Sleep with them and by the next morning your feet will be softer.

5.Use For Potted plants


6. Cut the toes from the socks, then sew the socks together in a long tube. Stuff the tubes with dryer lint and use as a door-stopper.

7.Make a drink cozy. cut off the bottom and slip the drink into the sock

8. Use for potpourri holders in dressers and closets. Sew up the holes and put in your favorite aromas.

9.Shoe Freshener- Stuff with baking soda and put inside stinky shoes

10.Make a Paperweight

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