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Did you know that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Canada? According to the Alberta health services In Canada, over 47,000 people die each year from smoking. This is why I strongly believe that smoking should be illegal in Canada.

My first reason for believing this is that Canadians are wasting thousands of dollars on cigarettes.  If you smoke a pack a day that’s about 10$ every day, which is 70$ every week, and that adds up to around 3,650$ a year. Can you imagine how much money you could have, if you didn’t waste it on something that could kill you? But it’s not just you paying, in Canada alone tobacco cost Canadians about $17 billion, including 4.4 billion in direct health care costs. A year of buying cigarettes is like buying a brand new 50 inch TV!!! Did you know that it costs employers $2565 more to employ someone who smokes than to employ someone who doesn’t? This is because of increased sick days, breaks, life insurance premiums and smoking areas. What a waste.

Secondly when Canadians smoke it affects the economy and environment so much. Tobacco costs the Canadian economy 17 billion; this included health care costs, missed days at work, lower worker productivity, increased life insurance premiums, breaks, and the cost for smoking areas at work, fire damages, residential care costs, disability and loss of income from dying young. So you would risk wasting thousands of your own dollars and millions of the economy’s dollars for one minute of inhaling a deadly chemical? You would have to be very selfish to do that to your country, and just plain dumb. How about the environment? I can 100% guarantee you that the pollution from all of these Canadians who smoke is doing nothing but hurt the earth that we live on. We are here to live on the earth not destroy it with deadly toxins.

Finally I believe that smoking should be illegal in Canada because tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Canada. It is the main cause of cancer, lung disease, heart disease and cardiovascular diseases. Tobacco smoke has over 4000 chemicals in it, so you’re willing to risk your life and the lives of those around you to inhale 4000 chemicals. That’s just plain stupidity. Smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Also known as the silent killer because most smokers don’t know they have it until it is too late, and there are no cure for these diseases and no possible way to reverse any damage done by these diseases. It is such an unhealthy thing to do that you really are only killing you self from the inside out. There are so many more diseases and problems that are caused by smoking that I can’t even fit them all into one paragraph.

However an argument to my statements would be that there would be so many people left unemployed and homeless. The only thing I would say to that would be, would you rather have there be say 4000 people left homeless? Or more than 4000 people left dead or dying?

In conclusion I strongly believe that if you were smart you would agree with me that smoking should be illegal in Canada for all of the reasons, facts, and statements above. Smoking is not benefitting you in any way possible; at the very least the only thing it’s doing is bringing you closer to your death bed. So for yours and the people you love sake please agree with me. Nothing good will come from smoking, not for you, not for the people around you, and definitely not for the environment.

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