self directed learning history project

modelMy friend carley and and I have been working really hard on our history SDL project. We Had several options of what we wanted to to our history on and we got to decide how to portray our work. Carley and i did a write up about the family life of a lower class family in the 1800s. as you can see above we did a model of what the house would look like and are very proud of it. We did another write up about the two main personalities of the war of 1812 and we both did a drawing of them. Finally we did a write up about the main causes of the war of 1812 and we made a wordle about war. We are very proud of all our work and really enjoyed trying out self directed learning

My trip to OELC

This past thursday I went to oelc (ontario education leadership centre) for 4 days. This honestly was a lifechanging experience. You get to have leadership education sessions where you learn all about the different types of leasders and the things that you have to have to be a great leader, and then you do team buliding challenges and discuss what types of leaders came out during that activity. They were so fun and I learned so much not only about leadership but about myself and I really enjoyed getting gto meet so many new people and making so many friends. We also did challenges where we got to play games that required teamwork and full participation from everyone and they were so fun! Then we did character education sessions where everyone at the camp came to one room and we talked about what it takes to be a leader and we talked a lot about fear and especially on the last character ed session. It was really eyeopening and emotional not only for me but for pretty much everyone in the room, it was called crossing the line. We all went to one side of the room and they asked us really personal, emotional questions and if that had happened to us or we had felt that way we walked acroos the room to the other side and it really hit me hard. The one thing that we really learned that day is that you are never truly alone, there will always be someone who has felt the way you are feeling and will be at your side. I can honestly say that I have never gone so far out of my confort zone than I have this past weekend. we laerned about the ice burg, the part sticking out of the water is the part that everybody sees its like your image,what you portray yourself as. But under the waterline there is so much more that people dont know about you because you have a guard up, like your insicurities, flaws, dreams, emotions and much more. but if you learn to lower your water line people can start to see the real you and like you for who you truly are. I can honestly say that I will remember this experience for the rest of my life, and I am sincerely grateful to my teacher Ms.Duncan for giving me this amazing oportunity.

What I Learned About Bullying

On april 10 my class and I went to see the documentry “The Bully”. This movie was a real eye opener for me in the way that all those times I have seen someone being (what I know realize is bullied) and even laughed at them. It really hurts to say that but Im not gonna lie and say that I stand up for everyone and am just as good as gold. But what I really learned from this movie is that teachers and most adults really dont understand how bad this epademic really is. In the movie the main character Alex is being Harassed and tormented on his school bus to the point where he comes home and tells his mom he is starting to think that he doesnt feel anything at all anymore. And what did his principal say when his mother went to talk her she said I quote ” Ive been on that bus, there as good as gold”.  I have also learned that even though i havent bullyed anyone myself, I am just as guilty becaus I have stood there watching it not knowing how truely bad it can make someone feel. Knowing that one day I could be part of the reason someone takes there own life when I could have took a stand for them makes me sick to my stomack. But I think think that all those teachers and princpals and people from the scvhool boared that said that kids will be kids should be ashamed of themselves. If its anyones fault its theres for being so heartless and oblivious to what is truly an epidemic. I honestly dont think that bullying will ever stop But to all those people who are being bullied or is watching it happen just take a stand for yourself or someone  because you only need one person to make a difference.

blogging Challenge#4

Blog challenge #4

images website

This image is showing a pair of full sole tap shoes. I have been dancing at taps performing arts studio since I was 3three years old and I have been doing tap for 10 years. When I first tryed tap danceing I instantly fell in love with it. I tryed every other dance possible to see if i had any other interests, I even quit tap for two years but no other dance made me feel the same as I did when I tapped. In Tap you really have to commit to practicing out of dance class, it is really hard work Im not gonna lie I do come home with blisters on my feet. But no words can desribe the way I feel when I walk on stage for the first time. I have been doing competetive tap for about three or four years now and through out that i have gotton golds, high golds, silver, high silver,  My team has gotten many special awards and resently we just brought home a diamond. Tap dance is and will always be a big part of my life.


Blogging challenge #3 ten ways to use a sock

challnge #3

Here is ten creative ways to use your old socks!

1. Sock bun, a sock bun is where you take and old sock and you cut the tip off then roll it up so it looks like a donut you can see the steps below. 





2. heat Pack: Fill with rice or dried beans (don’t pack it tight, leave a little loose) and sew the end shut. Put in the microwave for a minute or so (depending on your microwave) and you have a nice, heavy heat pack.

3. Neck roll: Sometimes you just need a neck roll or a travel pillow. Stuff a tube sock really well with stuffing (or cut up socks) and sew the end shut for a nice, firm neck roll/travel pillow.

4.Rough feet and hands- spread vaseline on your feet and put on old socks. Sleep with them and by the next morning your feet will be softer.

5.Use For Potted plants


6. Cut the toes from the socks, then sew the socks together in a long tube. Stuff the tubes with dryer lint and use as a door-stopper.

7.Make a drink cozy. cut off the bottom and slip the drink into the sock

8. Use for potpourri holders in dressers and closets. Sew up the holes and put in your favorite aromas.

9.Shoe Freshener- Stuff with baking soda and put inside stinky shoes

10.Make a Paperweight

Blog challenge #2 smoking

Did you know that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Canada? According to the Alberta health services In Canada, over 47,000 people die each year from smoking. This is why I strongly believe that smoking should be illegal in Canada.

My first reason for believing this is that Canadians are wasting thousands of dollars on cigarettes.  If you smoke a pack a day that’s about 10$ every day, which is 70$ every week, and that adds up to around 3,650$ a year. Can you imagine how much money you could have, if you didn’t waste it on something that could kill you? But it’s not just you paying, in Canada alone tobacco cost Canadians about $17 billion, including 4.4 billion in direct health care costs. A year of buying cigarettes is like buying a brand new 50 inch TV!!! Did you know that it costs employers $2565 more to employ someone who smokes than to employ someone who doesn’t? This is because of increased sick days, breaks, life insurance premiums and smoking areas. What a waste.

Secondly when Canadians smoke it affects the economy and environment so much. Tobacco costs the Canadian economy 17 billion; this included health care costs, missed days at work, lower worker productivity, increased life insurance premiums, breaks, and the cost for smoking areas at work, fire damages, residential care costs, disability and loss of income from dying young. So you would risk wasting thousands of your own dollars and millions of the economy’s dollars for one minute of inhaling a deadly chemical? You would have to be very selfish to do that to your country, and just plain dumb. How about the environment? I can 100% guarantee you that the pollution from all of these Canadians who smoke is doing nothing but hurt the earth that we live on. We are here to live on the earth not destroy it with deadly toxins.

Finally I believe that smoking should be illegal in Canada because tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in Canada. It is the main cause of cancer, lung disease, heart disease and cardiovascular diseases. Tobacco smoke has over 4000 chemicals in it, so you’re willing to risk your life and the lives of those around you to inhale 4000 chemicals. That’s just plain stupidity. Smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Also known as the silent killer because most smokers don’t know they have it until it is too late, and there are no cure for these diseases and no possible way to reverse any damage done by these diseases. It is such an unhealthy thing to do that you really are only killing you self from the inside out. There are so many more diseases and problems that are caused by smoking that I can’t even fit them all into one paragraph.

However an argument to my statements would be that there would be so many people left unemployed and homeless. The only thing I would say to that would be, would you rather have there be say 4000 people left homeless? Or more than 4000 people left dead or dying?

In conclusion I strongly believe that if you were smart you would agree with me that smoking should be illegal in Canada for all of the reasons, facts, and statements above. Smoking is not benefitting you in any way possible; at the very least the only thing it’s doing is bringing you closer to your death bed. So for yours and the people you love sake please agree with me. Nothing good will come from smoking, not for you, not for the people around you, and definitely not for the environment.

Blogging Challenge #2

Blog Challenge #1


These are all the people that Iwould like to meet and the questions I would ask them. My list goes from the people I want To meet the most to people I would like to meet but not as much as the top people.

1. Abby lee miller- Do you actually act that way or is it just for the show? Did you ever actually take dance lessons?

2. Theresa Caputo- Do you ever wish you werent a medium and that you couldnt speak  to spirt?:

3. Brianna Belladonna- What inspired you to join the freakshow? Arnt you scared that something really bad could happen while swordswallowing/eating glass?

4.Morgue- Have you ever really injured yourself while doing stunts on freakshow?

5. Laini Taylor- What inspired you to write the daughter of smoke and bone series? How did You make something so unrealistic seem so real?

6. Eminem- Do you have any regrets in your life? (for example towards your mom or the things youve said about people in your songs)

7. James Cameron- What inspired you to produce the movie avatar?

8. Channing Tatum- What makes you want to act? How much longer do you see yourself acting?

9.Jim carrey- Was it hard to act while wearing all the costume and makeup for the grinch?

10. Sopia lucia- Why do you dance?



Christmas is in less then a week and I am very excited.For me christmas is a time that I get to spend with my family  and it is really important to me that we get to do that because some family’s are not as fortunate as ours and they don’t get the chance to spend time with there family’s an have Christmas dinners and present.That is why on Christmas  we all just need to be grateful for everything we have and get. So this Christmas tell someone what you are grateful for.

Surprise Visiter

Today in class an amazing person named Mary Spencer came and talked to us. Mary spencer is champion boxer an is an insperation to all. She told us all about her goals for the future and how to overcome our fears. She really helped me realize that if I want to persue something but I have doubts, that I should overcome those doubts and fears so that I can achieve my goals. She also tought me not to be afraid to persue something that I love and to prove to all the people that tell me I cant do something that I can do anything if I work hard and really have the drive. She really changed my attitude towards persuing my goals. I am really really glad she came to our class.


                     In our class we use technology everyday, our teacher Ms.Duncan believes that we need to be able to use technology because in the future our world will most likely revolve around technology. In my opinion I agree with Ms.Duncan that we need to be learning to use technology regularly, I do think that technology is very important and very useful, But lately most of the kids of today are not using it aproprietely and the consequences have been pretty bad. There has been several suisides due to bullying or harassment on the internet,  Because people do not realize that you cant trust people on the internet. They need to realize that if they send something inapropriete to someone that person could show it to any one they want. I think that by seeing what has happened to people who have done something bad while useing technology we should realize that we need to be smart while using technology. Technology has expanded our horizan in many ways but just make sure to use it aproprietely and to be smart.